Spinjams are non-fire sessions for people to practice, share knowledge, socialize, and build community. These are a good starting place for beginners - many people have extra props and are willing to share and teach. Generally, MIT meets with Boston Spinjam regularly for spinjams in various indoor locations around campus, and you can find out when on our calendar. When the weather is good, we often meet outdoors on Killian Court.

If you're an MIT affiliate and would like to get weekly reminders about spinjam and its location, you can add yourself to our mailing list. If you're not an MIT affiliate, you can add yourself to the Boston Spinjam Facebook group.

Safety Trainings

Safey trainings are run by the club to give people a basic understanding of fire safety at a basic level (for prop spinning), and at more advanced levels for fire breathing, contact fire, and fire eating. Note that these are not "how to spin" sessions - that can be learned at spinjams.

In order to light anything on fire at a firejam, you must have a waiver on file and have demonstrated practical knowledge of fire safety at the appropriate level. There are safety trainings for all skill levels at the beginning of each semester, and generally last about 90 minutes long in total, consisting of a lecture and practical portion, taught by our club's lovely safety trainers. Any advanced level safety training has the basic fire safety training as a prerequisite.

Safey trainings must be renewed annually to continue spinning on fire at club events.


Firejams are sessions for safety-trained club members and their guests to practice with their props on fire. These are great for becoming more comfortable spinning with fire, practicing skills on fire, troubleshooting performances, and general socializing. Regular firejams are organized and run by our trainers at rotating locations around campus. You can find more details on our calendar.


We hold performances twice annually, once after orientation in the fall, and once during CPW in the spring. We also occasionally perform for other campus and student group events, or organize additional performances.